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A New Horizon Round Bottom Trailer Has Been Released By East!

TNI || New Delhi || 07th March 2022

At the end of last week, East Manufacturing unveiled their new Horizon round-bottom trailer at the TMC annual meeting in Atlanta.

The Horizon, according to the business, was developed with aggregate, sand, and gravel transporters in mind, as well as agricultural load haulers.

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According to East, the Horizon maximises payload by using lighter-weight components while maintaining strength and durability.

The new round-bottom shape has a lower centre of gravity, resulting in improved dump stability and cornering.

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The round-bottom form of the trailer also allows it to unload neater and quicker than square-bottom trailers.

In addition, as contrasted to a typical half-round trailer, Horizon has a higher cargo capacity.

Horizon’s low profile “gives it a sleek, good-looking” appearance while also providing a more sturdy dumping platform.

The Horizon round bottom, like other East frameless dump trailers, uses only superior aluminium alloys when it comes to flooring and sidewall material, ensuring long life and sturdiness.

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Premium-grade aluminium floors have a yield strength of up to 33% higher than industry requirements.

It has a base weight of 9,860 pounds, which is less than the East Hybrid dump trailer without extras, a liner, or a tarp system. It measures 102 inches wide and comes in lengths of up to 40 feet. Its sidewall heights are 52-, 56-, or 60-inches for 43.4-, 46.8-, and 51-cubic-yard volumes, respectively, for weight-conscious operations.

East further noted that the bulkhead’s aerodynamic design improves air flow, which helps to enhance fuel efficiency, as well as its high radius bracing, which serves to distribute loads. Stress is distributed to neutral sections of the sidewalls, essentially eliminating stress fractures, and the outside-mounted hoist is easy to maintain.