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69% Surge In Sales Expected By Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles In The Current FY

TNI || New Delhi || 24th Dec 2021


Demand for Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles is seeing another light of the day as there has been a 69% increase in its sales during the first eight months of the current financial year as compared to the previous year’s same period.

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The vehicle sales, which was 18200 in the first eight months of FY 21, have now climbed to 30,830 vehicles in the current financial year.

That said, the Managing Director and CEO Vinod Aggarwal believes that the industry recovery overall is slow due to reasons like rising fuel prices, chip crisis, and of course, the pandemic.

Volvo Eicher Commercial currently holds a 31% share in light and medium-duty trucks and a 7.5% share in the heavy-duty segment.

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What Aggarwal re-iterated is that the rising fuel prices, of all the other things, are one of the key factors that have pulled back numbers to a great extent.

Aggarwal also happens to be the vice president of the society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

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Vinod Aggarwal says that he expects heavy-duty trucks, which are 18.5 tons and above, to recover in the next two years.

Trucks, according to him, which are smaller, like in the 5-16 ton range, are likely to touch the pre-pandemic levels.