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14000 Embark Trucks Reserved By Its Partner Carriers

TNI || New Delhi || 16th Oct 2021

Embark Trucks have recently announced that certain carriers that are participating in its carrier development program have placed a combined order of 14200 Embark-equipped autonomous trucks.

These will be non-binding reservations that will cover five years, and will secure priority access of Embark-equipped trucks beginning upon the expected launch of the Embark driver software by 2024 through the end of 2028.

The extensive strategic planning, autonomous commercial hauling, and operational evaluation by Embark are a result of the interest shown by its fleet partners.

The more than 14000 trucks reserved through the PDP, if purchased, will represent an estimated 10 billion billable Embark driver miles over the trucks’ lifetime.

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By 2024, it is a given that Embark and carrier partners will go ahead in delivering the confirmed trucks across the country on high-priority lanes.

According to the officials from Embark, these reservations and the associated license miles that come along, will establish a base for Embark to meet its annual revenue targets.

Understandably, each set of orders was based on the requirements of individual PDP partners through using network assessment and also by evaluating independent trucking needs.

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