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100 Electric Cargo Vehicles Deployed As A Result of Magenta & Omega Seiki Mobility Partnership

TNI || New Delhi || 3rd Dec 2021

Magenta, which is an integrated electric vehicles firm, has deployed 100 cargo vehicles under the EVET brand across Bengaluru.

This will be in partnership with Omega Seiki Mobility. Magenta had earlier this year launched its e-mobility platform under the brand- Electric Vehicle Enabled Transport ( EVET).

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The company said it has plans to have 500 electric vehicles in the Bengaluru fleet.

As per a statement released by the company, under the brand EVET, Magenta has already been operating more than 110 Electric cargo transport services on its platform.

As far as the new 100 electric cargo delivery vehicles are concerned, they all will be used in last-mile delivery.

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According to Maxson Lewis, who is Magenta’s CEO and founder, the company has realized that there is a growing need for e-commerce players to move towards sustainability, and this can only take place when they adopt electric mobility.

Magenta is now well prepared to give out a complete solutions-set right from the EV charging hardware as well as software to EV charging services.

Uday Narang, Omega Seiki Mobility Founder & Chairman, has confirmed that they will be deploying Rage+ electric three-wheelers.

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He added that this is just the dawn of their partnership with Magenta, and there are plans to introduce thousands of EV’s in 2022.

Narang said that there are many electric miles to conquer, thereby spreading electric mobility in the country in its truest sense.

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Magenta has said that it is also rolling out FaaS which will enable fleet owners and operators to plan and pay for EV facilities, which will include charging and parking services.