Autoload promises transparent transportation in India through digital disruption

By D Yadav
Date: Aug 11 , 2016

From cash management to load management, Mr. Navin Gupta, Co-founder and CEO and passionate innovative thinker, Mr. Yogesh Agarwal, - Founder and CTO, both of them got together and disrupted the old age transport industry in India, bringing technology and innovation together by providing a common platform “Autoload” to transporters and truck owners fulfilling their requirement for each other.

Today Autoload promises a remarkable experience both for transporters and truck owners. In an interaction with Trucking News India (TNI), Autoload talks about disruption in transportation industry in India.

What is the core idea of Autoload, how it came into existence?

The core idea of Autoload is to provide a platform where transporters and truck owners can interact in a safe environment without the involvement of any middlemen. Autoload is India’s most versatile digital platform for finding loads and hiring trucks. It is present on mobile and web and accessible from anywhere, at anytime. The traditional process of procuring vehicle from the market is full of leakages and lacks visibility and control preventing the optimization of freight cost. Non availability of information like the freight paid at each branch provides an opportunity to indulge in unethical practices.

To solve this problem Navin Gupta came up with an idea and founded Autoload.

Navin did his research extensively on the issues in logistics and transport sector. He wanted to create a model which would benefit every player in the sector, a model which was transparent and would bring ease to whole process with the use of technology.

 What are the solutions, Autoload offering to truck industries?

Autoload is a venture that makes transportation of goods simpler and easier through intensive use of technology platform. The platform offered by Autoload automates the complete process of truck hiring offering suggestion of loads for trucks based on their location.

Autoload is unifying the fragmented and disrupted transport industry in India, bringing technology and innovation together by providing a common platform to transporters and truck owners fulfilling their requirement for each other. The company promises a remarkable experience both for transporters and truck owners.

Autoload offers numerous benefits to the transporters that includes, automated truck hiring process, transparency in operations, safe delivery with GPS enabled tracking, reduced non-placement of truck in addition to optimal freight and verified third party trucks.

All these factors combined help Autoload to deliver an impeccable experience for hiring trucks and finding loads and are the major reason why all the large and small players in the industry prefer to work with Autoload.

Who are the core people behind this idea?

The core people behind this idea are its founders, Mr. Navin Gupta and Mr. Yogesh Agarwal.

Mr. Navin Gupta,  is the Co-founder and CEO of Autoload. Navin is responsible for building the business at Autoload on both sides that is registering trucks on the platform and sourcing loads from Transporters. He has a rich experience of over 18 years in sales, business strategy and process reengineering. Prior to Autoload, Mr. Gupta has worked with eminent organisations including HSBC and Citigroup as the Head- Global Payments & Cash Management and Global Relationship Manager, respectively. While at HSBC, he also served as the Board member with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Mr. Gupta resident of Faridabad did his under-graduation from University of Mumbai and later received his MBA degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He was recognized as “The 50 Most Promised Young Leaders” in Asia-Pac by Asian banker publication and “Merit Scholarship” recipient from Thunderbird School of Global Management in 2001.

Mr Yogesh Agarwal is the Co-founder and CTO of Autoload. Yogesh is responsible for building, managing, and validating the Product and Technology Roadmap for Autoload’s platform. He brings a pragmatic approach for product innovation through research and continuous improvement. Yogesh taught himself coding at age of 16 and following his passion founded Daffodil Software in June 1999.

Yogesh is an Innovative thinker with broad expertise in scaling up Yogesh is a Bachelor of Commerce from Kurukshetra University, Haryana and has vast experience in designing and developing fully fledged ERP systems for large logistics and transport companies.

How this startup is going to impact the trucking industry in India?

Autoload aims to revolutionize the transport industry by changing the way trucks are booked in India. There is a huge gap between demand and supply side in the trucking industry. Both the transporters and fleet owners struggle to get optimal rates in reasonable time.  The booking of load and hiring trucks would be easier, transparent and 24 hours accessible as it is available on mobile as well as web platform

With the use of Autoload Transporters will be able to:

Reduce leakages and get optimal freight
There will be transparency in placements as the rates at which trucks are placed will be visible to the organization.
The cost of truck hiring will reduce with higher probability of return loads
Transportation will be much more secure with verified fleet owners and GPS enable tracking.

And the fleet owners will be equally benefitted with Autoload:

They will be able to reduce their truck’s idle time with more options of loads from Autoload
GPS Tracking will benefit fleet owners to track and monitor their drivers and vehicles for a timely and secure delivery
With lots of loads listed on Autoload’s app they can choose the most profitable routes thus increasing their profits
Moreover, Autoload guarantees payment within 5 days of delivery establishing as a reliable partner for fleet owners

How Autoload is different from its competitors?

There are three things that make Autoload very different than our competitors and allow us to produce greater results. They are, Reach, Transparency and Freight cost optimization.

We have a pan India reach to both transporters and fleet owners. Autoload is currently operating in North, West and South regions of the country and has more than 35,000 trailers associated with us. Also, Autoload has 9 branch offices in different locations in India that include Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad, Angul, Raigarh, Nammakal, Trichy, Kalamboli and Vizag.

Autoload enables the transport companies to bring about the much necessary transparency in the freight rates, so that the instances of over-invoicing, favoritism, kickbacks and price-jacking can be eliminated. Quotes received on the loads are made by the fleet owners directly without any middle men and hence the instance of any unwarranted markup is minimized. Both transport companies and fleet owners benefit as both parties are sure that the prices are correct.

Third and the most important reduction of freight cost. By the use of Autoload’s cutting edge platform, the transport companies can reduce the cost of truck hiring by getting competitive rates from multiple fleet owners. There is also significant reduction in the administrative cost as the time that your employees would generally spend in calling multiple brokers and negotiating with them is reduced. With Autoload you get one single account manager for your company to place loads across India.

All these factors combined help Autoload to deliver an impeccable experience for hiring trucks and finding loads and are the major reason why all the large and small players in the industry prefer to work with Autoload.

What is the process of truck acquisition/hiring?

Autoload has 9 branch offices in different locations in India which also acts as touch points for fleet owners. These branches are strategically located in Transport hubs in India to connect with Fleet owners. From time to time Autoload organizes events and participate in various programs to connect with fleet owners from across India.  After a fleet owner comes in contact with us, our team registers the vehicles and verifies their documents. Autoload also provide GPS tracking solutions to the fleet owners with which they are able to track their vehicles and get loads based on their location.

How Autoload maintain safety and transparency with customer and truck owner?

Safety, efficiency and transparency in transportation are the basic pillars on which Autoload was established. With the use of our mobile application transporter can enter their loads which is visible to all the fleet owners for quoting their rates. This way the transporter gets rates directly from the fleet owner and the fleet owner get visibility of the loads and rates that the transporter is willing to pay

Please tell us about Autoload’s scale up/future plan.

We are scaling up very quickly and gaining traction in the market. The future plan is to deliver benefits of Autoload to even greater number of fleet owners and transporters. We will strengthen our reach across India and ensure all fleet owners who are entrepreneurs are able to get return loads from any destination in India.

What are the challenges Autoload is facing?

Changing the traditional mindset of the industry was a huge challenge, The Indian Transport Industry is used to the traditional way of hiring truck which is full of inefficiencies. Autoload has provided a new technology solution to create a profitable and reliable way to book trucks which the industry is taking some time to get used to.

Breaking the unholy nexus with brokers: With lack of visibility employees may get the chance to indulge in a unholy nexus with brokers, hiding information of real rates paid. Breaking this nexus and creating solutions to prevent such formations creates resistance from the employees. 

Use of technology: Autoload is an app based company to provide truck and load booking service however the fleet owners and transporters are not very tech savvy and are a little inclined to use their phones spending hours negotiating with their brokers to book loads and hire trucks. Helping them realize the benefits and comfort of technology is definitely a task.

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