Design of Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

Date: Jul 07 , 2016

Design impacts all our lives in ways subtle and overt. From our phones to our Fans, every object is a function of design. Great design is not only just a good aesthetics. It is the way we use objects. The evolution of designs is a reflection of the larger society. As society changes, so should design. The best designs are quick on to keep pace with society’s demands.  Whether we design a truck or a tool, simplicity always works. It is rightly said that in the best design form and function are the same and it should be joined in spiritual unions.

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck design celebrate the philosophy of “Sensual Purity” It challenges the traditional look of a product,

In terms of design, the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 study combines function, efficiency and emotion in a fascinating way. It adheres to theMercedes-Benz design philosophy of “Sensual Purity”. Inside and outside, the exceptional visual appearance symbolises the great leap from classic truck to autonomous transport vehicle of the future. Extending the front section allows soft, aerodynamically flowing forms to be created.

Visual effects from the paintwork in light silver emphasise the enticingly smooth contours. Compact cameras replace conventional exterior mirrors. Its windscreen resembles a visor. The study’s integral sun screen and aero roof have a distinctive form.

Future vehicle design and accelerate the process of building trucks specifically for safe urban use. The front mask of the truck comes alive when the engine is started featuring signature Mercedes-Benz style, the design is composed around the star as the central element. While at a standstill with the engine switched off the front mast is closed.

Classic elements such as the headlamps seem to be missing at first glance. The Future Truck 2025 comes to life when the engine starts. LEDs illuminate the surfaces and light up the paintwork. The front mask gleams and LED bulbs shine instead of conventional headlamps to the left and right in the bumper. Orange flashing lights indicate when the truck is changing direction. The color of the lights changes from white to blue when the truck is driving autonomously; they then pulsate strongly and clearly indicating the vehicle’s current operating mode to other road users.

When the truck is travelling autonomously, the driver may recline their seat and also turn it by 45 degrees into the space. To communicate from the future workplace the driver uses a tablet computer. Here the driver can process documents or schedule further destinations.

It is a purist design and perfect craftsmanship from designer of Mercedes- Benz Truck.

Bring alive the theme of “The sensual purity” design of the Future Truck 2025’s calming design is also reflected by the interior, which is compelling as the focus is on essential functions and the design is almost purist.

Wood flows from the floor to the control panel. The dark finish is strongly grained, open-pore and has a naturally aged effect. The control panel is calm and uncluttered, with displays separating instruments and the exterior mirrors. The support for the control panel is clad in leather.

It is a design from the leader which really takes us to the future world of Trucks