ZF demonstrates advanced partially automated driving functions; Helps support hands-free and feet-free highway driving

Date: Jul 16 , 2016

New Delhi: ZF is demonstrating advanced partially automated driving capabilities for customers and the media at its Driver Assist Systems facility in Brest, France. Drivers will be able to experience a ‘Highway Driving Assist Multi-Lane’ feature which combines environmental sensing, automatic steering, braking and acceleration to help maintain vehicle control. The system can support automatic, driver initiated lane changes - detecting the lane type and presence of vehicles in neighboring lanes.   Karl-Heinz Glander, chief engineering manager for Automated Driving Systems at ZF, said: “Enabling the next generation of vehicles to See, Think and Act in increasingly integrated and intelligent ways will help redefine the future of mobility, and automated functions will be applied across the broad spectrum of the transportation sector. For vehicles on the highway it will be a significant step forward to add multi-lane features such as overtaking assistance to existing longitudinal and lateral control functions- further supporting driver safety and comfort.”     The combination of perception, decision making, planning and vehicle control helps to reduce the effort and stress of highway driving, improves occupant comfort and can improve fuel economy, Allows for multi-lane functionality in highway driving including overtaking capability, Helps support hands-free and feet-free highway driving at speeds from 0-130 kph, including automated driver-initiated (or vehicle-proposed) lane changes.