By TNI Network
Date: Dec 10 , 2016

New Delhi: The road transport ministry notified that all new Trucks manufactured after April 1, 2017 to have AC chamber for drivers. The Idea behind this is that drivers should not get tired due to harsh conditions.

Last year, road transport minister Nitin Gadkari had said, “We are going to make air-conditioning of driver cabins of trucks and buses mandatory so that the drivers, who work for several hours nonstop, get some relief and can drive with more alertness.”


It is to be noted that truck drivers’ life and working condition in India is very pathetic and if you compare with other developed countries it is not at all comparable. This small step taken by Government will lead to a new era of working conditions of trucks and bus drivers.


SIAM, the country’s apex vehicle manufacturing body has welcomed the government’s concern for comfort of truck drivers, it said that since AC was a “comfort related” subject and not a “safety subject”, it should not be regulated or mandated. “All comfort-related features in vehicles should be driven by the market and the customer, and not by regulation,” SIAM director-general Vishnu Mathur said.

He added that the implementation of this moves in just four months is not not enough. To provide AC cabins on all trucks and that it would seriously impact the preparedness of the industry in meeting the BS-IV norms across the country, as vehicles would need to be redesigned and sent for fresh homologation.

Trucking industries, road safety experts and transport industry analysts have urged the government that they must also protect the interests of drivers by ensuring minimum wage, PF, medical leave and gratuity.