Indian Trucking Industry facing huge shortage of Truck Drivers

Date: Jul 06 , 2016

A truck driver’s life in India is not an easy one. It is one of the worst jobs in the country long hour, inhospitable working conditions, lack of sleep, very less family time and constant harassment on the road means life expectancy of truck drivers is at least 10 years less than the national average. No wonder very few young Indian are opting truck driver as a career.

Almost 8.5 millions trucks are on the road in India out of which 27% remain idle every day due to shortage of truck drivers, that means every fourth truck is lying idle. And worst is that the shortage of drivers are growing day by day as per an industry estimate by 2022 only 480 drivers would be available per 1000 trucks, today 750 drivers are available. It is really going to a big challange as country is moving towards programm like make in India in big way. 

22% shortage of truck drivers in the country harming economy says Transport and road minister of India Mr. Nitin Gadkari. To address the situation, Motor Vehicle acts are being amended. Computerized driving schools and training centre will be open to impart training for specialized heavy vehicles.

If we do not recognize this as a huge challenge today and address it effectively, it will have an adverse impact on overall growth of India.


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