In 2016, Strong replacement demand will sustain the growth of trucks sales in Japan

Date: Jul 27 , 2016

As per the forecast for vehicle demand of Japan released by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. , Over all demand of trucks will go up in fiscal year 2016.

It is expected that demand of Standard trucks in 2016 will touch 175,000 units, which is up by 2.9% from last fiscal year. The public works spending is expected to gradually decline but positive replacement demand will sustain sales of trucks in this category.

Out of total projected demand in 2016, demand for heavy- and medium-duty trucks is forecast at 90,000 units, up 2.3% from FY 2015.

Strong replacement demand should create demand for small trucks, mini-trucks and Large Buses in fiscal 2016 is forecast at respectively 274,000 units, up 5.4% , 406,000 units, a gain of 5.5% ,  5,600 units, up 5.7 %


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