Eicher Trucks introduces Advance Fuel Combustion (AFC) technology

Date: Jun 12 , 2016

Chennai: Eicher Trucks & Buses, The Volvo Eicher commercial vehicle brand introduced Advance Fuel Combustion (AFC) engine technology and HexaDrive enabled Eicher Pro 1000 series range.

The AFC technology is aimed to provide better fuel economy, it has been designed to deliver “Higher Vehicle Lifetime Profitability” to end customer, and these new age technology introduced to the existing Pro series products it will minimize the turnaround time to the fleet owner.

The AFC is available in Pro 1110 (12T GVW) & Pro 1110XP (31T GVW) Vehicles.

On the occasion of the launch, Mr. P Ravishankar, EVP, Sales, marketing and Aftermarket  VE commercial vehicles said, The series offers the most profitable products of Eicher Pro series, Our endeavor is to ensure maximum lifetime profitability to our customer by enhancing fuel efficiency through advanced fuel combustion engine technology (AFC) and HexaDrive technology along with best class payload capacity our improved vehicles to enable customers to go miles ahead in their business”

AFC technology allow the optimization of combustion efficiency by better air fuel mixing through advanced combustion chamber design, along with optimized fuel injection providing higher fuel economy, higher pick up and grade ability. Further, reduction in parasitic losses has been done through electronically controlled engine cooling fan.

HexaDrive technology is designed to improve productivity of the end users by ensuring faster turnaround time. The technology features the next generation 6 speed overdrive gear box transmission that provides higher torque at wheel and optimized gear ratios that delivers higher fuel efficiency at higher speeds.

This range offers higher uptime by longer maintainability intervals of 40,000 km for BS III and 50,000 for BS IV series.