By Rohit Kr. Patra | TNI Network
Date: Sep 01 , 2017

NEW DELHI: Bangalore based Flux Auto eyes to make autonomous driving technology more widely available for truck operators especially those outside of the United States. Flux Auto,  A  16-person startup, hopes to make a difference by democratizing autonomous systems. It is developing technology that, when finished, could enable any kind of truck to be retrofitted with self-driving car technology at a far lower price.

To make its tech readily available, It doesn’t use “Lidar” (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors which have become the standard for autonomous vehicles, but are incredible expensive. Few years ago  they were $75000 per piece. However, now they cost just 10 percent of that price. Even still, at $7,500 it remains prohibitively costly for many truck operators. So, Flux Auto decided to bring in their own innovative algorithm vision to make things cheap and reliable.

The target is to take the price down to a level of $3,000-$4,500. The price would depend on the specifications that the customer wants from the equipment.

Founder of Flux Auto Pranav Manparia and his team of 16-member have been invited to the Web Summit Libson 2017, to show their technology.

Flux Auto is currently designing its devices targeting the North American market, which has a wide truck driving industry.  Flux Auto is aiming to deploy its tech on 2,500 vehicles within the next twelve months. That’s likely to necessitate a U.S. office, and Manpuria said the business may need to migrate to the U.S. to continue its development in the future. That’s particularly true if India bans autonomous cars, as its transport minister has vowed to ban it.

Pranav Manpuria said, “We’ve tested the technology on cars and we are now doing pilots with trucks. We have developed a self-driving kit that can be retrofitted onto any truck. Our system takes over acceleration, braking, changing lanes, so that the truck is completely independent. Only in case of emergencies would the driver have to step in.”