By Rohit Kr. Patra | TNI Network
Date: Aug 22 , 2017

Italy: Five new Solaris Urbino 12 electric will join the bus fleet of Boreal Norge AS, which is one of the leading Norwegian public transport operators. According to the recently signed contract the new buses will start operation in Summer 2018.

The 12-metre new Urbino electric for Boreal Norge AS operator will be fitted with a ZF AVE 130 electrically driven portal axle with a constituted electric motors and a Medcom drive system. The innovative electric buses will be equipped with 146kWh Solaris High Power batteries. The buses will be charged via plug-in system. Additionally, the innovative vehicles will also be equipped with the roof-mounted pantograph, which will allow the fast charging to take place while the bus is on route. Solaris zero-emission vehicles will be operating on line 10 and 13 in Kristiansand in the south of Norway. The modern and ecological buses will be equipped with several features enhancing the safety and quality of the ride for the passengers.

Managing Director of Solaris Norge, Sverre Skaar said, “Solaris has already executed and calibrated this technology in the similar models of Urbino family in many European cities, for example in a German city of Hannover. It is worth mentioning that the new Urbino 12 electric has been named the best city bus of the year 2017. The buses are to be handed over by the manufacturer in July 2018 “It is a great pleasure for us, that we won this contract after a hard and long decision – making period. We are also thrilled that we managed to get this contract with Boreal Norge which plays an important role in Norwegian bus-business”.

Boreal is a leading national group in public transport which is headquartered in Stavanger,. It operates buses, trams, fast-ferries and ferries. The group has 2,000 employees throughout the country.

Solaris has been present in Norway since 2006. There are 483 green dachshund logo buses travelling on the roads of this country. In Autumn this year, Solaris Bus & Coach will deliver two new Urbino 12 electric to Unibuss in Oslo, the capital of Norway, a further two vehicles of the same time will be delivered to Oslo's another operator - Norgebuss.