By TNI Network
Date: Jun 20 , 2017

NEW DELHI: Michelin launched a new brand identity with the launch of its new logo and visual identity.

The group is promoting multi-brand strategy and ready to expand Michelin’s products and services profile; “by offering every solution that enhances mobility, beyond the core activity, which is to produce tyres.”

 Now the Michelin Man (Bibendum) has been changed to the modern line drawing rather than the 3D rendering of the decade, there since 2000. The change that is reflected in the logo is the company’s mascot that has been clubbed together with the company’s name. As per Michelin release, the brand is taking up new activities and going for multi-brand strategy

For more than 120 years, the Michelin Man had been a staunch supporter of the group’s communication. Bibendum’s is aims to counsel customers and to serve them accordingly.

The shift from single logo to two logos has been decided keeping in mind the presence of the company online.

By the end of this year 2017, the revision in this brand identity will include the use of two logos as compared to the one at present.

One of the logos will be used for the group brand and the other one will demonstrate the Michelin brand’s sales proposal of tyres, services, solutions and the Michelin Experience. The second logo is expected to follow the launch of the first logo in a few weeks.

The new trademark, called “Bib in the World” is introduced in a new advertising campaign of the company on the theme of “Michelin takes action.”