"Munshiana" is making Indian Truck Drivers' job worst

By D Yadav
Date: Jul 04 , 2016

Today evening a conversation with a Car carrier Truck Driver Mr. Kamruddin, propmted me to serch the meaning of the word "MUNSHI" , because during the conversation there is a new prospective of Munshi came out,  Munshi is a persian word meaning Clerks, accountants and secretaries hired by the any company , organization, Government. The word Munshiana is famous and widely used in Indian trucking system.

As a Truck Driver leave his office for a delivery destination he has to take advance mony not for his own expenditure but for the movement of truck on road till the delivery point. He requires advance money because on the way he has to pay for  fuel, toll tax, city entry tax, food and other expenditures.

The person who process and make advance payment to the driver going out for duty called Munshi, since Mr. Mushi is the key person and making advance payment he asks driver to pay "Munshiana"  it is like bribing for the advance payment, that is precisely calculated and to be spent on truck movement not for personal expenditure of the driver.

It seems very small thing but it has become a tradition which is impacting a moral of drivers. It is worth mentioning here that the India Trucking industry is facing a huge driver shortage.

Fleet owner and major end users of trucking services should ensure a transparent system for drivers so that they can deliver better services free from Munshiana.