Trucking industry is a very important to our nation's economic growth, touching all most all aspect of our life; food, clothes, buildings, homes etc. is an initiative of The Zest Media is providing laser sharp focused news and in-depth information pertaining to trucking industry. caters news, views, interviews, information, opinion and much more related activity. This pool of information will contribute immensely in the growth of the industry. Our focus will be on 

Trucking and its allied industries, Essential trucking business, Human resources of trucking industry, New truck launches, Fleet Management, Equipment, Operations, Regulations, Fuel & Environmental Issues, New Technology, Highway Safety, and more is voice of the industry, always lead and innovate to be an effective media services for trucking and its allied industries.

Trucking news India mission is to serve and represent the trucking industry to influence policies beneficial to the trucking industry, promote safety on India’s Highways, improve the industry’s image, efficiency and competitiveness, and educate the public about the critical role trucking plays in the economy.

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